Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Own My Phone. It Doesn't Own Me.

Blessed are those who own dumb phones, for they shall possess the moment.  

Yes, I do believe in the power of a phone that cannot do much for you other than make a call or text a few phrases, without the use of all those fun emojis.

I am holding on and trying not to give in.  Gosh, would it be nice to get directions with a quick search, or send a text just by saying it.  I would love a smart phone just to get a cute cover (pathetic much?).  I know, I have the soul of an eighty six year-old.  The sales kid at the Verizon store could have told me that.... He didn't get me at all.

But, I had consciously chosen the dumb phone at my last "upgrade" due to the fact that I know a few degrees of separation is better for me.  I like the present.  I enjoy watching where I walk, and looking at the faces of those conversing with me.  Too convenient it would be to reach in my purse and with a few taps update my Facebook status.... Only to be suckered into reading everyone else's posts about their kids, their dinner, their political views, etc...

Not all are consumed with their smart phones, but enough people I know have made me think twice about owning one.  All of these instantaneous & constant news updates, trendy hashtags, and Pinterest boards.... Add to that the trending topics, selfies, memes, fantasy sports and I find it all a bit dizzying and exhausting.  

When does anyone have time to live life and experience moments rather than pose and put them on display for all 1,200 of their closest friends to see?  Seriously.

Debbie Downer, here... I suppose.  I love sacred. I love meaningful.  I love being there & showing up. I love 100%.  I love single-tasking as opposed to multitasking.  I love my baby and husband and the mundane moments of our days.  I even love social media- just not 24/7.  Holding on to my no-frills phone a little bit longer. 

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