Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer's Best Moment

Summers are amazing, especially if you are a teacher.  So amazing that I wish for eternal summer. I become this happy-go-lucky, sun-loving, spontaneous creature with no schedule.  Since my career in the classroom thrives and runs on down-to-the-minute schedules and switches, that is probably the biggest freedom for me.

The picnics, the sprinklers, the ice cream.  I relish every moment with my toddler son. It is an amazing blessing to be SAHM for a couple months. In the mornings, we sit in the recliner, he sips milk, and I sip coffee.  We swim, go to playgrounds, eat on the porch, nap, have play dates, tantrum from time to time, etc...  So, in all of this blissful togetherness, about 2 weeks ago, I found myself craving some mommy time. ALONE. I didn't even need to be social, I just wanted zero noise, zero entertainment, zero toddler squabbles, zero responsibility.  We were in the car on the way to swim for a couple hours.

I was driving and daydreaming about this- pondering--"What would I do with 2 free hours?" Shop? Walk? Sleep?

Answer D- all of the above.

Colby and I arrived to our little beach in our lake community, and I was thinking about even texting my hubby to see if this daydream of solidarity could become a reality once he got home from work.

Well, one sandcastle led to another, and we swam, and watched some boats go by. An hour into our day out, we sat on the blanket for some snacks.  And he said it. It was all Colby needed to say to change my perspective on that early afternoon. Eight words.

"Mommy, I want to sit on your lap."

It was clarity. It was refreshing.  He had a whole blanket & a whole beach to choose from, but my lap was the only place for him.  And if you read my New Year's post, it was incredibly sacred for I know "mommy' s lap days" are numbered, and in his small request, God placed a profound gratefulness within me.  Mommy time is important- no doubt.  But, this one moment was worth 100 mommy alone moments.

I want to remember this moment in time forever and I even captured it to share with you via Facebook.  It reminds me that it is all about my perspective, and how I choose to perceive life unfolding.  On that beach blanket, it was like God whispering, "Don't miss this, Mandi.  Don't trade this for anything."  God planted a seed of "savor the now", because the future is coming---more quickly than I'll ever know.

Just like mommy's lap days, summer days are numbered as well. Before we know it, our lives will be back to school, the sitter, early mornings, quick evenings, rushed dinners, and bedtimes.

My wish is that you, friend, find a few sacred moments to thank God for as well. Life comes at us and it is easy to wish ourselves out of the busy or mundane, the fun or frazzled. I wish you a wonder-filled rest of summer.

(P.s.- Don't worry. I got out for a walk with gal pals later that week.  That was sacred, too!)

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