Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ziplock bags are not like people

Let's face it.  Disposable items are a first-world problem.  I am guilty of using most--- Kcups, ziplock bags, cleaning wipes, bottled water, and the list goes on.

We are a "throw-away" culture. So here is my thought for the day.... Have our one-time use convenience items so permeated our human experience that we can think it is true of each other?  As divorce rates show, only about 50% of couples stay that way for life.  Even within our own homes & families, relationships can go days, weeks, (dare I say months?) without a meaningful spoken word  of love or encouragement.  I cannot fathom not speaking to family members over petty matters like, money, possessions, or different views on life.  But, it happens.  As a teacher, I see parents who 'give up' raising their kids, because it's too difficult... Making for grandparents scrambling to clean up the garbage-of-a-mess now created.

With the exception of sitting around the Thanksgiving table....ahem, once a year....too many families fall into this disposable human relationship conundrum.

Again, this may not be you. But in a subtle way, is it?  Do you avoid phone calls? Do you make phone calls?  Write notes? Is there ANYONE you have disposed of who deserves a moment of your time?

Again, just a thought. Here is a reminder from what God would have us do about this:
You will be doing the right thing if you obey the law of the Kingdom, which is found in the scripture, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

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