Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

In Search Of...

Moms of young ones, I need you.  More specifically, I need you on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday this coming fall.

An idea popped into my head this weekend, and I think I may just act on it.   My husband will be gone and traveling for school and work on those three evenings beginning in September, and I am really hoping and dreaming up a close-knit scripture or verse study group for young moms for one night a week.  I am tired.  You are tired.  The time for a devotion only happens here and there (for me) once school begins.  I am looking for any young mom who is in need of encouragement, verse memorization, and some friendship.

Here is the gist: one gal provides the locale, while the others bring their bible, food, and yes- even the kids (although, optional).  We can rotate houses every week, and have light appetizers or a full-on potluck.

Yes, there will be interruptions, and diapers, and the occasional 'mommy, mommy- Jake took my dinosaur.'  But, moms- we will have laughter and learning and prayer, and FOOD, and maybe some wine ;)

My only request is that if you host, then you pick the scripture/ topic for the night.  That way we all have a chance to share our views, experiences, etc...   It is all about encouraging each other and walking with God together.  If you are interested, please private message me on Facebook.  If you know someone who would be, share my blog with them.  We would tentatively start in the 2nd week of September.... I will have to go with whichever evening fits a majority.  Oh! You don't have to come every week....that is unrealistic to expect.  So no pressure here!  I hope to hear from you friends!

PS- if you are reading this, and are either not a young mom, or too far away- please consider starting something of your own! (Think: 'Grandma Group', 'Forty-somethings'... You get it. God will bless whatever you do in His name!

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