Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Be Still

I love Christmas cards. I display them for almost a month, and love to see faces of friends and their families...the more sparkles, the better.  In fact, I like to get them at the clearance sale for the next year- in addition to the 40(ish) I will order with our family photo on them.

I sent out four cards this year. Typically, I am on schedule with photos, and have my template picked out after a good hour of searching. Tim was surprised that I didn't send out the normal stack that I usually do, and when he asked about it- I simply stated, "Well, there is no rule that I must, and this year, it is one thing I really am choosing not to do."

On most years, this would be a fixing point for me, until they were signed and sealed (and delivered).  But time eluded me this year. We were busy, as are most people. I had to give myself a break. I kind of delighted in it, really.

Cards were something to say 'no' to, and through that one simple, objection, it felt a little something like freedom.  'No' doesn't come easily to me. And usually, I associate guilt with it.

If there is a plan to be made, or event to be attended, I am often in the mix.  During one event, I am already thinking about planning the next.  After a good month or two, I grow grouchy, restless, and unfulfilled, as well as unproductive.  My son doesn't even have after school activities, and the running around we do leaves me weary. Life can be a rat race on a hamster wheel.

We can almost take pride in how busy we are.  We also become detached, forgetting the purpose of all our participation. I have to choose differently.  No one else will stop the wheel, unless I do.

Last year, on my New Year's blog, I wrote about the word "sacred".  This year, I choose "still".   "Still" is not always a verb.  Rather- I see it as a mindset.  It protects my emotions, and gives me peace in a very purposeful way.

Still in the midst of a LOUD, boisterous household (my husband, Colby, and our new pup have naturally loud tendencies.). I look to incorporate more quiet playtime than the motoring background of our television.

Still in the midst of chaos.  Knowing that life happens, toddlers happen, mistakes happen, etc.... 2017 will not be exempt from the sometimes chaotic happenings that occur. I like 'still' rather than 'reactive' which comes much more naturally to me.

Still on the weekend.  Still during my summer.  Still after school, still during school. Yes- I will be moving, creating, doing, but my goal will be working for simplicity and peace.

Still in my time with God.  Not too easily derailed or distracted by technology, cleaning urges, or the like.... This may mean a switch in my devotional time.

Nope- "still" cannot always happen, but when I can ...

I will choose to "Be still and know that He is God." Psalm 46:10

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