Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Backpacks and Swim Lessons

 I am finding myself kind of lost as of late.  There are some unchartered territories that I am currently wandering, and all of it is both wonderful and unsettling at the same time.

First off, I am seven months pregnant, which magnifies any emotion I may be feeling.  😉  In the next short 8-9 weeks, we will meet sweet baby #2!!!!  Impending change coupled with many unknown factors can rev up lots of feelings of anxiety--good and bad. (And that's okay, and to be expected!)

The emotions that have surrounded me in just the past few days are surprising me, though, just like an unexpected guest.  I must document them as I feel like we are turning a rather large corner.

My son has turned 4, and with that age, it seems childhood independence gets its nod of permission to begin.  Just last week, he tried swim lessons for the first time and RELISHED every minute.  He now swims like a fish, and wants to explore the water more than ever! Great, right?

Yesterday, he attended his first-ever preschool day, which will be happening once a week for the next 7 weeks until the fall session starts up.  I tried to get a quick picture of him as we entered the school. Envision this: red and blue striped polo shirt, khaki shorts, adorable raccoon backpack, and dimples a mile deep into his still-babyish cheeks.  He couldn't get in the door quickly enough, the sun was a bit too bright, and the photo op just wasn't there.  He came home in the afternoon and in his very own words said, "I loved it!"  He couldn't even nap because he wanted to talk about his day.

Why am I so lost? I want to foster independence.  We even held our son a year due to timing of his birthday. He is ready for these things.  I guess I am caught by surprise that I am feeling so wishy-washy at the arrival of this new stage.  My husband and I have "talked up" for months both the swim lessons and the summer session of preschool to really prepare him mentally.  He was prepared. I forgot to prepare myself.  (You may be thinking, "Good golly--- it's not like he is moving out of the house.") But, all the same, these life moments FEEL monumental.

Just in the last 2 weeks, that proverbial grip of childhood has loosened for the first time.  It is a lot to take in.  

I know, I know--- I will love the free time I have.  For 5 hours yesterday, I did what I pleased.  I had no directions to give, no snacks to make, no "Mama, will you build this train track, get me some milk, play outside, etc...".  Still, change is different.  Change is hard.  Change is unsettling... Even if it is good change.  What is in the human soul that wishes for a child to stay young forever? I know most moms have felt or do feel that way.

Today, I praise God for two successful new ventures in Colby's life. He is just starting, and the growing and learning are going to exponentially sprout in grand leaps and bounds. I thank God also for the new life inside of me.  That we, as a family, get to have another run in the babyhood era.  

Newness. Opportunities. Growth.  These are all God's ideas.  He is walking with us. He knows our hearts, and how humanly challenging it can be to adjust to any changes.  

Whether you find yourself in a similar season as mine, or hurdling over another transition in your parenting journey, I encourage you to find rest in Jesus.  Uttering a 30 second prayer in the shower, or stopping to thank him for all the blessings in your transition will steady you for what lies ahead. He knows change. He knows feelings. He is present.

After all, His grip on your hand has never loosened--- no matter the stage of your life.

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