Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3 Myths I Used to Believe

1. God has favorites.  
You know the names...Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, your next-door neighbor who has been on 13 mission trips.  I truly grew up with the notion that anyone who is someone in God's eyes, must be doing the BIG stuff for him.  The truth is, God appreciates your existence as much as the next person's.  He simply asks us to love Him and love one another.  Be His representative to the world in whatever way you can.  Your talent may not lead you to be on a stage, hop on a plane, or write best-selling books.... But do what YOU can.  He loves you just as much as His Son. (If there was anyone in line to be favored, it was Jesus.)

2. I must be in church every Sunday.  
It is an important and very crucial part to growing and developing in your walk with God.  I won't dispute that.  I actually used to feel extreme guilt, though, if I didn't make a service (sickness, vacation, etc...).  I am not advocating prolonged absence but having a child made me see that God will not be angry with me for not attending.  I had to become flexible with a new little being's schedule, and sometimes, that interfered with church.  What matters much more to Him, rather, would be how I am living day-to-day.  Where is my heart? If not in a church building, is it abiding in Him?  He knows.  The church is not limited to a brick structure.  It is alive and well in all of its members, every day of the week.

3. Everything is as it seems.
This was perhaps, one of my greatest on-going blunders as I was growing up.  You see, my middle name should have been 'Naive'.  I have too many examples to name them all, but I think many of us have been there.  Behind closed doors is an unknown world- yours and mine included.  Appearances are a joke.  If everyone was truly as poised and cheerful as their Christmas cards would have us to believe, we would be living in a perfect world.  Not that we need to hang our heads, and complain when life is less than pleasant, but rather, we should be aware that false impressions happen all the time.  Our world is fallen.  We all sin.  Consequently, reputations collapse, marriages fail, promises dissolve, and lies are revealed.  I am still learning to put down my rose-colored glasses.

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