Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

And in Other News, Josh Duggar...

Hmmm... The Duggars, specifically Josh, have had quite a year.  I have to say, his name was not one I expected to hear on the Ashley Madison affair website, but I was not surprised.  As we have learned, he is a very broken individual.

But, this post isn't for Josh.  It is for all the Josh's and Anna's out there who are reeling through infidelity and finding little solace anywhere. I found myself praying for Anna as I was driving the other day.  (By the way, I HAVE to get a better system for prayer.  The car is the only time thoughts freely move about in my head-  another blog topic, I suppose.) Anyway, I asked God to give her wisdom for her actions and her words.  I prayed for the future of her babies.

It just struck me tonight how many other husbands and wives are living her reality though.  Just because she married into '19 Kids and Counting' and has her personal life blasted through the media doesn't mean she is the ONLY one to ever go through trust issues in marriage.  Major trust issues.  For instance,  if they stay a couple, will he ever be able to have a computer, smart phone, etc?  Can she ever fully know where he is when he is gone?  What will she tell the kids about their dad?   Where will he sleep? (Seriously.)

Even in a home where God is loved and praised, affairs can and in fact, do happen. It is the "now what?" moment that is so crucial.  I don't know what I would do if I were Anna, or anyone else dealing with a faithless, sick husband.  I do know there can be healing, even forgiveness.  It might mean a lifetime of forgiving, which many would see as a waste.

So tonight, tomorrow, whenever, please pray for these hurting spouses with me.  There is so much at stake, with or without children involved.  When a vow to love "in good times and bad" is tested---really tested, it is beyond difficult for us mere humans to navigate.

Dear Lord- 
 Thank you for the gift of marriage.  It was your idea, after all.  Please take hold of those hurting couples tonight.  I pray your healing and grace to overcome the situations and for their desires to be purely about Your purposes.  I pray also for our fallen world, which is so polluted by pornography and the like.  Draw us close to you, and make us see what is truly worthy of our time.

I pray that the marriages of my generation can be a revival of sorts.  I hope that we would see marriage for life. Seeing what some of our parents have been through in divorce, I pray that we could make better daily choices for ourselves, our kids, and our world.  I think about young couples my age and pray that the bond strengthens as You become central in the home.  You are Redeemer and Healer.


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