Love God. Love people.

Love God. Love people.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Cheese Shaker

A few weeks ago, a dear friend and I went to lunch at a local Italian restaurant for lunch.  Amongst the giggles and story-telling our meals came out, and both happened to be the zucchini/vegetable pasta with marinara.  I began to sprinkle the cheese from the shaker, explaining that it may be a while, before she gets her turn with the shaker. I like cheese. A lot of it.  Then, she picked it up and in her witty way said, "Why waste your time sprinkling when you could just pour?"  She then untwisted the lid of the jar, and dumped a small mound of cheese onto her pasta.  I was seriously impressed.  We laughed and I decided that never again would I spend two eternal minutes sprinkling, when I realized that I could just dump half the jar!  I wanted a lot of Parmesan, and all I was doing was shaking a minimal amount- for quite some time.  My mission was a mound, not a sprinkle!

I didn't think of it again until tonight, but that instance is so very appropriate when it comes to many fronts in life.  When our intentions are there, why do we dilly-dally and put them off or in the back burner? Let me explain...

Our family (ladies only) does a once- a-month get together, which we have called "Winey Family."  At the end of each gathering, we pull out calendars and cell phones to schedule our next date.  Why? We want to be intentional with our time together.  It is oh so easy to intend on meeting up, but another thing entirely to actually follow through.  "Why sprinkle when you could just pour?"  Relationships don't deepen or endure when they are based on intentions only.  I promise that.

My hubby has wanted for years to go back for his doctorate degree to one day teach college.  You know what?  He is taking classes to see that dream made into reality.  Last fall he began a rigorous schedule, which is causing sacrifice now, but is accomplishing what he always set out to do. In the figurative sense, he has taken the lid off the shaker, and someday- his intentions will be realized.

As for me, my most recent challenge has been health and eating, and bettering my body to last into old age.  It is not always easy, nor fun... And I mess up often.  I would rather forget the zucchini pasta and eat regular old linguini with a bunch of Alfredo sauce.  The thing is, though, I want to actualize my goals instead of allowing them to be fleeting thoughts.  

For what are we without goals? God has given you a drive, a want, or a purpose for good.  You are so capable and with Him you cannot fail (Phil. 4:13).  Not talking about winning the lottery or owning a Porsche, here... I am referring to hitting your target for the good of all.  Be a blessing to somebody who needs one.  Be a responsible steward of your body, your Earth.  Be an awesome wife.  Whatever it is, be insistent. Why sprinkle when you could just pour?

Forget seize the day.  

 Seize. This. Life.

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